Crafts for Toy Story VBS

Toy Story Crafts

Crafts are a hallmark of this model of VBS. This VBS had 18 craft projects associated with it. Click on a craft for a Lightbox view and the description that accompanied the craft in the daily take home.
To read about how we weaved all these crafts into the daily program, click or tap the button below to read the Take Home booklet.

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Monday -- Toys

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Paddle Ball
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Piggy Bank

Tuesday -- Community

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During Tent Time this morning, our campers decorated their craft box. Counselors and staff will fill these boxes with each camper’s crafts daily so on Friday, each camper will take home a treasure box filled with their crafts. This is helpful in a couple ways: 1. It gives time for gloppy and paint filled crafts time to dry before they get loaded into our cars. 2. In the event that a camper misses a particular day at VBS, which is always a sad event, that camper’s craft materials for the day are placed in her/his box so they can be completed at home.
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Potato Head
(sort of!)

Wednesday -- Sheriff

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Tent Craft
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Thursday -- Called to Love, capable of selfishness

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Praying Hands
Tent Craft
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2" Blocks

Friday — I have been chosen!

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Tent Craft
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