Lion King

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The adult Support Staff party

During the Star Wars VBS, we began a new tradition—the adult Support Staff party!

We have always done a lock-in party for the counselors, so we decided it was about time to have a party for the adults too. At the Star Wars, we ended our VBS on Friday in the Cantina. Since we had a bar, it made sense to put to put it to use on Saturday night after VBS was over!

Jim DeMersman, our resident chef and baker creates a cake each year based on the theme. Here is 2019, edible work of art. (And it was SO good too!)

For some reason I did not take a front view (doh!)
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Hospitality Take Homes

We produce take homes for family at home so they can see how we weave the crafts and the theme together—the kingdom of God is at hand!

With over 100 campers from all over Castro Valley and surrounding communities, we expect some family members would not be able to read our English take-homes. So, we produced them in Spanish and simple Chinese.
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