Some Examples

Some of the Camper Spaces We Create

"Tent Time"

Snack Tables

Pre-school Area

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We call it "Tent Time" as the original model had campers in actual tents. These days, we lash over a dozen pop-up's to create a space for campers and counselors to meet every morning.
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The snack tables are close to the kitchen and used solely for snacks, except on Friday when one of the groups will utilize this space for crafts.
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The pre-schoolers are in a separate gated area and follow a schedule that has identical elements of the day's program but is organized in a way to better suite the developmental needs of our youngest campers.
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Staging Area

The staging area is where the day's craft are stored and prepared to be "boxed" into each camper's box labeled with the name and color group. We do this to ensure each camper has every craft, and to allow the crafts to dry from paint, puffy paint, glues, and glitter. No need to hose down the family car!!

Campers take their box home on Friday stuffed with all the craft treasures.
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Craft and Supply Room

The supply room, like most of the campus, gets completely hosed every year. However, by the following week, everything is packed up and put away—except the glitter, of course. It multiplies in the wild!!

Muppets Join the Staff

In 2013 our theme was the Muppets and ever since, they have joined the staff leading music during the trilogy music time every day. Pictured below are two of our muppets in "Box" helping to lead music for VBS Sunday.

The Muppets joining our staff have been a HUGE hit and inspiration. They will be a GREAT addition to your VBS program and staff!!
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