Creating Space for Supplies

The VBS Shed!

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How the Shed came to be…

It takes a LOT of supplies and materials to create this model of VBS! We had supplies and decorating materials stashed in every nook and cranny around the campus. It finally dawned on us that we we needed a dedicated space to store decorating and craft materials. It also need to be accessible so we had it readily available for Godly Play on Sunday mornings as well and many of the other children’s programs through out the year. Hence, the VBS Shed was born.

In 2017 we launched a modest capital drive to fund several projects for mission and ministry as well as regional and international out reach projects. The campaign lasted for just over a week before we were fully funded, and the VBS Shed was one of the projects.

When I set out to design the shed, I realized we need to maximize space and storage and yet have not landed on a specific design. Before long it dawned on me the answer was right in front of me. Build ½ of a Corazon house!

For years, I have been traveling to Mexico to build a house in a day with Corazon! For more about Corazon, visit their web presence: For more about our community building a Corazon home, visit:

The VBS shed is tucked in an architectural feature of the outside of Turner Hall, our parish hall. To maximize storage we put a shed roof on it with a couple small stem walls. This feature allowed for a “loft” which we store boxes of cloth, felt, paper, rolls of streamers, and all kinds of decorating supplies in “deep storage.”

Preparing the Space

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Foundation and Walls

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Ready for Doors

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Doors and a Roof

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Ladder to Loft

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Inside the shed is four steel cabinets, all of the doors are labeled with its contents. Now, if I can only get the staff to return items to the designated space! LOL On the right is open shelves where we store gallons and gallons of paint. Cost saving tip: check out the error mixed paints at your local home store. Often they are even willing to donate these error mixes to faith communities as most are not really a sellable product. We can mix them with other paints for decorating sets. We are not that particular! :)

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