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“How it’s made!”

Here is a short video of the testing of our prototype crossbow.
The process to build each crossbow was lengthy. Each step of the process was completed 150 times!! Do we love our campers or what!
  • Table-sawFirst step was mill the blanks for bow and stock from sheet stock
  • Bench workTo the bench to draw the outline of the bow and stock on each blank from a template
  • BandsawRough cut each blank leaving about ” of stock outside the lines.
  • Router TableThe bows utilized two jigs (below) to finish cut the bows and the stocks used one jig.
  • BandsawThe front notch at the front of the stock was cut next to receive the bow and the notch for the elastic.
  • Router TableBows and Stocks received a ” round over treatment to ease the edges.
  • JigsawTriggers were cut on a jigsaw and then edge treatment with ” round over bit to ease edges with a trim router
  • Drill Dress Stocks were placed in a jig to replicate the placement of the trigger pin hole and the hole for the zip-tie hinge for the trigger (Pictured below)
  • Disc Sander, Bandsaw & DrillpressThe firing pins are 5/16” dowels. An angle to better trip the band is first sanded into the end of the dowel, then taken to the bandsaw to be cut to the specified length. Finally a small hole was drilled in the end to receive the zip-tie hinge to the trigger.
  • Table-saw and Router TableBack to the table-saw to mill the two parts that make the marshmallow holder, then to the router table for edge treatment.
  • Jig sawWhen I first created the prototype, I discovered the elastic was slipping below that the marshmallow and not projecting it forward. This was solved by gluing ¾” of a large tongue depressor onto the middle of the elastic.
  • Back to the benchBack to the bench for final assembly to glue, nail and screw the marshmallow holder and bow to the stock.
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The jigs

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The bit being used here is a Whiteside Model UDC9112 Spiral Combination 1/2" SH X 7/8" D X 1-1/8"CL. It is really pricy, and a real workhorse!
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Drill Press jigs

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And ready for campers!

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