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“How it’s made!”

I had two fantastic Woodworkers this year working in their own shop, I had very little woodworking to do this year.

I created swords for campers and staff, but there is not much challenge to them. Cut out the blanks at the table-saw and the dado for the hilts. Off to the router table to shape the edge of the blade with a " round over bit and then a " round over bit for the handle and glue it up. Couple pin nails to hold it why the glue dries.


Router Table and drill press and LOTS of legs!
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¼" round over bit and simply feed the end of the dowel in and turn it to make a nice rounded end.
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Setting the drill press table at 5 degrees allows for placing the switch at riding position. This way the horse is looking forward not down at the ground.
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Add a wall at the back of the church!

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The walls are 2x4 and skinned with " sheet-stock. The wall attached to the steel post with plumbers tape. No nails and plenty secure, even for earthquake country.

Pictured on the left was the frame for Maurice's invention.
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