Crafts for Hogwarts VBS

Hogwarts Crafts

Crafts are a hallmark of this model of VBS. This VBS had 18 craft projects associated with it. Missing are the Tent Time crafts, will have to dig them up. Click on a picture to open a Lightbox for a closer look as well as the accompanying write-up from the daily Take Home sheet.

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Monday -- Marked!

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Wizard Hat
Ravenclaws at work on their hats. One side of the cone has a strip of Velcro so it can be sized for various head sizes and form the cone.
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House Scarf
House Scarfs. Here are a couple Hufflepuffs doing some decorating.
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Here are some of our preschool group trying out their new cloaks.

Tuesday -- Platform 9 ¾

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Our kaleidoscopes enable us to see the magical in the ordinary
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Train Whistle
Called to get on board to serve God's people!
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Time Turners
Our Time Turners remind to use time wisely as it only comes once!

Wednesday -- Pure-bloods, Muggles, & Mud-bloods

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Hagrid's Gift
The pouch that Hagrid gave Harry to keeps is treasured possessions. Our can contains our prayers!
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Need to find a picture of our brooms. Each wizard received and broom to decorate. If only they would fly...
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Hands of Unity
God created us in this wonderful arrangement of a community of diversity.

Thursday -- Sacrifices & Chess

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Chess Sets
Imagine creating 3200 chess wooden pieces. (see below) Each camper received a full set of chess pieces to decorate and play wizard chess! Chess reminds us sometimes our journey with God provides us the opportunity to sacrifice.
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3200 chess pieces
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16 oz. plastic cups with TP roll spacers strung together made up our dragons to go to great lengths to care of others.
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S.P.E.W. banks
Saving our pennies to care for others.

Friday -- The Great Hall

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Magical Creatures
God made us all unique and in God's image.
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Crystal Balls
Our Crystal Balls remind us to discover and share the light of Christ that is with us and all people.
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School Trunk
All of our campers decorated a School Trunk to take home all their VBS crafts on Friday