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A favorite Wood Craft in 2010

I saw these hand chopters online while looking for craft ideas, but at $20 each, they were a bit out of our budget range, especially when we have over twenty other crafts to work into the budget. So I went to my wood shop and figured out how to bring a chopter to life for our kids. The prototype was easy and we launched forward. My tools were a little less sharp after creating over a 150 copies of the prototype, but we believe the kids will enjoy them and that makes the effort worthwhile!
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These were a HUGE hit at our Nemo VBS.

We called them Copters, a whirly-gig wing on a stick. One tug of the pull cord and off it goes. This is our attempt at the underwater floating experience.

If you time the video below, you will discover it is about 2 1/2 minutes long. Now multiply that by 150; and you get the idea how much time a craft like this will take to prepare. The kids LOVE it though!!
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