Muppets 2022

Muppets Bus!

Some of the counselors worked hard on an Electric Mayhem Muppets bus to take through the drive-thru at Mcdonald's. The counselors in 2013 took on the same project and drove thru Wendy's. Back in 2013, the experience was not very satisfying, as the employees barely took notice.

Mcdonald's was way more fun this year. The employees got out their cameras and took videos! The video Eli took is below.

Just below are two images: on the left, how the bus got down to McDonald's (with a couple of repair stops along the way), and on the right, how it returned to Holy Cross! (drag the arrow icon in the middle to the side to reveal the full image.)

Note: the first few seconds of the video are a side orientation, but soon corrects.

Left Image
Right Image
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