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Crafts are a hallmark of this model of VBS. This VBS had 18 craft projects associated with it. Click on a craft for a Lightbox view and the description that accompanied the craft in the daily take home.

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Mission Control

Art supplies are brought up from the VBS Shed (8x12 structure with a loft!) daily and placed on the conference room table where the craft leaders and tent counselors can find them easily accessible. We use TONS of art supplies every year, and it is a constant process.
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Protect the floor!

This year we installed a brand new floor in Turner Hall. Members of our parish spent a week installing this beautiful new floor, and it NEEDED to be protected from glue and paint spills. I ordered 40' x 60' canvas painter's tarp from It is enormous and HEAVY and not a dropped got on our new floor! We will be utilizing our new tarp for many years to come!
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Monday -- A Tale as Old as Time…

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Our first craft today was decorating a plain white journal, a project inspired by Belle’s love of books. Our journals are blank and provide space for pictures or words of thoughts we want to share with God. God is always “more ready to listen that we are to pray.” 2 Having a place to jot down our thoughts in words and pictures is a beautiful and ancient way of praying.

Our book project reminds us that the Bible is a collection of books. This collection of Hebrew and Christian scriptures is a treasure trove, expressing how faithful women and men have understood their relationship with God. Our task is to find the root lessons of these ancient stories and apply them to our context. Our theme today, the story that is “old as time,” is this: God loves us, and we are called to love each other. The entire corpus of scripture is a love story. Journals help us to remember moments of our own love story with God.
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Our second craft today was creating our own coat of arms. Our own expression of an ancient Heraldic symbol, reminds us we are all part of the family of God. Peter says we are, “a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people.” (1Pet 2.9) Not just part of creation (as has been, and is, thought by some) but ALL of creation. People, animals, plants and the very earth that sustains us, are all God’s holy nation. Our coats of arms remind us of this.
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The final craft project for today was an old fashioned Hobby Horse, or stick horse. The Spirit moves and breathes through the creation and provides the breath of life, and the Hobby Horse reminds us of the adventures the Spirit can take us on. Adventures to be peacemakers, (Mt 5.9), to seek justice, and to love all of creation.
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Tuesday -- Community

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The first project was a Lumiére made from wood, thread spools, and pipe cleaners. Our Lumiére stationary puppet can sit on our desk or dresser to remind us to be “the light of the world.” (Mt 5.14) The world at times can seem like a dark place, and we sometimes wonder where the light of God is? The Psalmist says God is always here with us. (Ps 139.8) Our Lumiére friend reminds us that we too are called to be the light of the world!
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Our second craft project was inspired by Mrs. Potts and Chip! They were a “rock” for Belle and the rest of the inhabitants of the castle. They offered solace and comfort for Belle in her new and hostile surrounding. With this in mind, we decorated our very own “Chip” ceramic teacup and saucer, less an actual chip J We added colors of the rainbow to remind us we are created by God in a rainbow of marvelous diversity. We can be a gift to the world, seeking to serve those we see in need on the schoolyard, at the office, in our neighborhoods and even at home. The world is full of diversity, wonder, and delight; we add to God’s immeasurable love by sharing the gift of who we are!
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Our final craft today was a nod to Cogsworth. We each put together and decorated a wooden Cogsworth with a clock embedded in the center to remind us it is never too late to share our love.

The idea of time dwindling away may be a relatively foreign concept to our campers, yet time has a way of speeding up the older we get. Before long we have fewer “somedays” then we have “yesterdays.” This craft helps us impress upon our campers, and ourselves, that NOW is the time to share a smile, to lend a hand, and to share God’ love.

The gospel of Mark reminds us that the time is at hand, the Kingdom of God is before us. (Mk 1.15) We are the manifestation of the Kingdom when we share God’s love with those in need.
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During Tent Time we decorated our craft box which will hold the 18 crafts created this week. We keep all the crafts safe at Holy Cross, so that glue, paint, glitter, etc. can dry. Then we pack them up in the craft boxes for campers to take home on Friday. If for some reason your camper(s) will not be here on Friday, please speak with one of your camper’s tent counselors. They will ensure that we get the correct box to your camper on her/his last day with us.
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Wednesday -- Vision

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Our first craft project was to decorate a rose vase. The rose is a classic symbol for love. In early Christian tradition, the red rose was a symbol of purity for Mary, the mother of Jesus. In Beauty and the Beast the red rose wilts as the Beast refuses to let go of his selfishness and anger. Not until he recognizes the power of sacrificial love will he be released. So, too, our rose vase and rose remind us that God desires us to love our neighbors with sacrificial love. It is in sharing God's love and peace that we find true release from the beast in us, and true connection with the world.
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Our second project of the day was decorating a mirror. The Apostle James tells his community that hearing about God’s love and peace is not enough (James 1.23), actions must follow our words, thoughts, and prayers! When we look into our mirror, what do we see? Are we walking our talk? Do our actions and attitudes reflect God’s ways? Our colorful mirrors remind us to be the hands and heart of Jesus in the world.

The thin mirrors is glued to a ¾" closed cell foam disc to protect the mirrors from breakage.
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Our final project of the day was a Fifi feather duster. Fifi was the maidservant in the story and the girlfriend of Lumiére. She is a beautiful reminder of how we are all called to be a servant of love to those in need: to care for the weak, give voice to the voiceless, and share God’s love, peace, and justice.
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Our Tent Time project was decorating a bookmark. In our electronic culture, books are being replaced more and more by screens. Yet there is nothing like the satisfaction of holding a book, turning the pages, and discovering the stories and adventures within.

The books that make up the Bible have been read by faithful women and men throughout the ages, first in community and later individually. When Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg created the first printing press with moveable type in 1439, the first work he printed was the Bible. With this printing innovation, the reading of scripture moved from a community practice to a solitary practice. And with this new practice, a host of new problems was created for the Church, including division based on differing interpretations. There have been more than 30,000 splits in the Christian faith tradition, and more than half of those since the dawn of the Internet. As I said, problems!

Today we invited our campers to create a bookmark for their Bible, or other favorite books. Our older campers may use this to mark a place where they have a question. We hope they will seek the wisdom of trusted others in exploring those questions. Questions are an essential part of the spiritual journey. And just when we think we have found “an answer,” we are apt to discover a whole new series of questions to ponder!
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Thursday -- A Little Beast in all os us!

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Our first project was to decorate a cloak. This wonderful outer garment, was fashioned by Sarah HawleySnow of our design team. The cloaks remind us that God is always present; and we can be wrapped in the loving arms of God’s salvation at all times. (2Chr. 6:41)
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Our second craft was a beast mask. I love the idea of a mask as a symbol for talking about sin. A mask is not a true representation of who we are, but rather a covering up of that reality. Our beast masks remind us to let the light within us shine forth for all people! (Mt. 5:14) They invite us to take off the masks we cover ourselves up with, and let the world see who we really are and how we are created—as very good!
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For our last project we decorated a wooden sword. The author of the book of Ephesians tells us that God’s word is the “sword of the Spirit.” (Eph. 6:17) This is the opposite of the sword that Gaston wields. His sword represents power and domination. The sword of the Spirit is God’s love in the world. For example, when we see a student at lunch time on the school yard eating all by themselves, our swords of the Spirit remind us to reach out and ask if we can join her or him. Our swords of the Spirit remind us to seek and serve justice in God’s creation and make no peace with oppression. This is the holy gift of the sword of the Spirit.
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During Tent Time craft we decorated a Philippe horseshoe. Phillippe, Belle’s faithful companion, is an example of the helpers God provides us with. We often need to rely on others to help us navigate the potential pitfalls and challenges of this world. Philippe knew better than to take Maurice toward the castle. Yet Maurice ignored his horse’s wise counsel. As a result, he was captured by the Beast. God sends us Philippes all the time, in our family members, friends, coaches, teachers, clergy, and important others, if we only have eyes to see and ears to hear. (Mk 8.18)
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Friday —Love Wins!

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Because our schedule is a bit different on Friday at VBS, we have three crafts instead of four on Friday. Our second craft was a rainbow project. The rainbow is a symbol of hope and ever-lasting faithfulness. When Noah, his family, and all the animals disembarked to dry land, God put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of God’s love and covenant with all of creation. (Gen 9.13)
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Our final project was creating a castle to remind us that we are inheritors of God’s kingdom, “a royal priesthood.” (1Pet 2.9) As God’s royal priests and servants, we have a responsibility to care for creation. An important part of this is not wasting resources, so the children of future generations will have this beautiful earth to enjoy as much as we have.

Our castles also remind us of our royal calling to care for everyone God has created. Looking after the poor and oppressed is part of our royal inheritance. This is an expression of God’s love in action, making earth as it is in heaven. Love will always win when we recognize the little bit of beast in all of us, and allow God’s love to transform us so we can be God’s light in the world.
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During Tent Time we made lantern decorations. Matthew reminds we are “the light of the world.” (Mt. 5.14) When we walk in the light and allow the light of God’s love to shine forth through us and our actions, the world around us is transformed. How different our world would be if everyone realized that we are all created very good in God’s image, and each has this light to share. The little beast in all of us would be transformed. Our lanterns remind us to share God’s love with all of creation: people, animals, and indeed the very earth.
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